Being fair and sustainable is what CeCi is all about.

From our choice of fabrics and materials to our production and our collaborations. For our special edition we up-cycled and repurposed left-over fabrics. We used them to create a small special collection, made by a small atelier in Thailand.

Eilish our first up-cycled "special edition" dress.

You remember our lovely Candy print from the previous collection? We reused it for the top part and the skirt part is with tulle that we acquired from a Belgian wedding boutique. They have sourced their materials from the finest producers in Italy, Portugal and France. Tulle is a very fine and romantic fine mesh net fabric used for wedding veils and to embellish wedding gowns. We upcycled this tulle fabric, that otherwise would be thrown away and gave it a new beautiful life.

Earth a flowy long skirt, our newest up-cycled item

Earth is breathtaking!
It has this beautiful unique floral print that is perfectly suited for Earth.
Earth is made with an upcycled organic cotton fabric, reused from an earlier collection.

Avoiding additional C02 emissions

Candy’s relatives helped us keep our emissions low by transporting our dresses on the yearly trips to their homeland: “When my mum told me she was booking a trip to Thailand, I asked her if she would help us out. She gave us the opportunity to avoid additional CO2 emissions. As for the follow-up with the seamstresses, being partly Thai, I was able to do that in real-time.”

To compensate for the trip we used treecological, just to be extra sure. Treecological is an initiative of BOS + with⁠ support from Ecolife.⁠ ⁠BOS+ is a Flemish non-profit organization dedicated to a.o reforestation both in Flanders, Belgium, and worldwide.⁠

⁠Check out their website for more info:

We hope you 💚 this collection as much as we do.⁠
XXX Evelien and Candy