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Ceci is not just a dress!

CeCi Kids is your go-to brand for adorably sweet childrenswear. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, we design timeless pieces that are designed to be passed down for generations, using high quality, whimsical patterned fabrics and sustainable manufacturing methods.
Ceci selects the finest materials, designs each garment, and draws the signature prints by hand.

Ceci is inspired by a world full of flowers and ants, animals and plants. We mix colours and details into a bright collection for girls who jiggle and giggle! Ceci dresses are made for daily life, a stormy kids’ party, a regular day at school or a sunny afternoon at the beach.
Clothes won’t change the world but the kids who wear them will!

Ceci is not just a dress.
Available for girls from the age 4 to 12 years.


Every dress, print and detail is thoughtfully designed by the team in Antwerp. That's right, our prints and models are exclusively made by Ceci! When that process is done, the dresses are manufactured in Europe, where they are sustainably made from 100% bio cotton.

Good design is sustainable design!

CeCi clothes are made in Europe. Keeping in touch with our manufacturers enables us to keep track of the sustainability of our fabrics and of our production line.
On top of that, we come up with timeless designs. Thanks to these designs CeCi clothes never go out of fashion. So rest assured, your little ones will enjoy their favourite CeCi clothes for a very, very, very long time!