Take a look at how we produce

We want to feel good about our product. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering something that is beautiful as well as produced fairly and organically. ‘Fairly’ meaning ‘made by people who are working in good working conditions and are paid according to their value’
‘Organically’ meaning ‘made from pure and sustainable materials’.

100% Fair
Designed in Belgium
100% Organic Cotton
GOTS / OCS certificate
Digital print
Produced in Europe
The flair of being Fair

Our planet could do with a little bit of sustainable help from each and every one of us, as well as with a bit more fairness. Our way of contributing to that? We only work with producers who provide a fair, safe and friendly work environment for their employees and who focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, avoiding plastics and superfluous packaging. Every little bit helps.

Designed in Belgium

Every dress, print and detail is thoughtfully designed by the team in Antwerp. That’s right, our prints and models are exclusively made by Ceci!

100% organic cotton

Cotton breathes better than polyester or any other oil-based synthetic fabrics. So, there is really no better fabric for your kids to wear when playing and having fun.

CECi clothes are made from the most sustainable cotton there is. That means the cotton is grown with respect for water and soil. No GMO seeds or pesticides are being used.
This is how we contribute to the ecosystem: we prevent any waste of water and ensure a safe work environment for farmers and manufacturers.

We choose GOTS Certification because it is the highest standard in the world. GOTS stands alone in its stringent requirements for both environmental and human safety throughout the supply chain.

All of CECi’s materials and producers are GOTS and OCS certified.

Advantages of Ceci’s Digital printing
  • Ecological ink for eco-friendly prints.
  • No ink waste by only using the necessary amount.
  • Use of less chemicals and water than in traditional methods.
  • More detailed printing.
  • Endless possibilities with digital printing.
Produced in Europe

If you are going through all the trouble of lowering our ecological footprint by finding eco-friendly inks, bio-cotton and sustainable producers. It would be a little strange to then negate that by shipping our dresses all the ways around the world, no?

That’s why we’ve opted to produce our main collections as close as possible: in Europe. This way we avoid large shipping containers and air-freight. Thus making sure our whole chain is as sustainable as we can possibly get it.