APRIL 2019

First press release

CeCi : the new brand of children’s clothing is launched today.

CeCi is a new brand of sustainable, timeless, high-quality and 
stylishly designed and produced children’s wear.

Designed in Antwerp

Ceci starts its journey in Antwerp, Belgium with dresses for girls age four to ten. Every dress, every print, every detail is carefully and enthusiastically designed. We design our own exclusive prints and models. They are made exclusively for CeCi on 100% bio cotton in Turkey.

The result is a unique and original product

A dress that children can wear on any occasion, a stormy kids’ party, a regular day at school or a playful afternoon on a sunny beach.

Our approach is based on sustainability

Good design is sustainable.
Our children’s wear is not outdated after one season.
We use high quality and long-lasting materials in a timeless design.
We keep close contact with our manufacturers, every step of the way.

We want parents to feel comfortable when they buy our dresses 
for their children.
Mothers and fathers can be certain about the quality of CeCi 
products and they can trust us to produce them in an environ-mentally friendly and ethically correct way.

We are CeCi

CeCi is Inspired by Magritte’s surrealist approach to reality: “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”.
He wrote these words on his famous painting of a pipe: this is not a pipe, it is a painting!
CeCi is not just a dress. CeCi makes your daughter look bright and happy.

We both are young mothers, each with two children. We want to play our role as a mother and as a young entrepreneur. Therefore, after two years of preparation, we have brought our talents together in CeCi.