about candy and evelien
Hi! I'm Candy

I am a co-founder at CeCi Antwerp.⁠

A little about me:
I worked for 15 years in the fashion retail business before deciding to become an entrepreneur. I was born in Thailand, but grew up in both Belgium, Thailand and New Zealand. I now live in Belgium with my hubby and two adorable🐒🐒.⁠
I’m happiest when I’m with my family or spending time at the beach☀️⁠ I love books, sports, hanging out with friends and lazy days in our garden.

Why CeCi?

It’s a way of life. ⁠
CeCi crossed my path as an exceptional opportunity after unexpectedly losing the job I loved due to a forced company restructuration. ⁠
Losing my job was a painful experience but when I look at it now, it was an experience of bouncing-back and self-discovery.⁠

At CeCi I found again a place where I could be myself, work hard, be creative, help the environment, respect and be respected for who I am and what I contribute.⁠ ⁠

I hope to make the world a better and more beautiful place 😊 ⁠
This is what CeCi means to me, I hope you can feel it too.⁠

⁠XO Candy⁠

Hi, my name is Evelien

Hi, my name is Evelien, and I’m the designer and co-founder of CeCi.⁠ CeCi started as a small seed 15 years ago, when I graduated as a Graphic designer at the Academy in Antwerp. My final project was a children’s clothing brand concept. ⁠
While I worked at several Design Agencies (in Brussels & Amsterdam), that little seed lay dormant… until now.⁠

When I’m not designing, I enjoy cooking, running, painting, long walks with my children and our dog Qyto. Oh, and a good glass of wine.⁠

Why CeCi?

Because CeCi is not just a Brand.

From a young age I’ve aways loved illustrating and clothes. I could lose myself for hours drawing flowers or cute little animals… and dresses. Pretty clothes was something I loved but could not always afford. So sometimes I made those myself too. ⁠

Later on as an independent professional designer I found that I could not shake that love for Illustrations. And becoming a mom rekindled my love for children’s clothes, and a new desire to be a strong role model for my daughter. ⁠

CeCi unites those three loves: illustrating, children’s fashion and independence. It’s not just a dress.

Love Eve.